Winstonia Nail-Art Stamping Image Plates Set 4th Generation

Winstonia Nail-Art Stamping Image Plates Set 4th Generation

Winstonia's 4th Generation Nail Art Stamping Plate Set is a gorgeous 20-pieces set featuring a wide variety of unique designs. Range from rich patterns such as water-marbling, floral, arrows, tribal, stained glasses, diamonds, to whimsical designs like galaxy, moons and fairy, fantasy world (hello, Game of Throne fans). What's more exciting about the set? The panda, ice cream and candy, succulent and roof top romance designs are sure to bring cuteness on your nails!


Nail art stamping plates are popular among amateur and expert due to its uniqueness and easiness to achieve impressive nail art. Using a Winstonia stamper to work with these stamping plates. Better yet, you can update as often as you like using nail polish color of your choice!




  • EASY DIY NAIL ART: no drawing or painting skill, practice a little and you'll have salon quality nail art!
  • STAMP & TRANSFER: using a Winstonia stamper tool (not include) to pick up and transfer the images on nail, let dry and seal with top coat
  • STIR YOUR CREATIVITY: pair with colors of your liking or create nail decal using advance stamping technique
  • COST FRIENDLY: Comparing to an easy $30++ at nail salon, these nail art stamping plates are so much more affordable



  • Fourth generation
  • Set of 20-pieces nail art stamping plates set
  • Round, metal plate with engraved templates
  • Smooth-edge plates with paper backing
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Diameter: 5.6cm / 2.7 inches each
  1. Peel off blue protective film
  2. Apply base coat on nail, let dry
  3. Apply nail polish on desire design on plate
  4. Immediately, scrap off excess nail polish using a scraper (available separately)
  5. Immediately, stamp on the design using the stamper (available separately)
  6. Immediately, transfer the design onto nail
  7. Wait for the transferred design to dry completely and finish with top coat