Winstonia Nail Art Vinyls #45

Winstonia Nail Art Vinyls #45

Achieve salon result nail art at home without breaking your bank ! These Winstonia Nail Art Vinyl Guides are your go-to nail art supplies for a cute and impressive manicure - any time you like!

Winstonia nail vinyl variety packs come with innovative and creative designs. Put the vinyl stencils on your nail and paint over for instant nail art design. Gently peel off a stencil from it's backing sheet using Winstonia tweezer, place on nail and paint over nail polish. Remove vinyl stencil, wait dry and seal with top coat. Your instant nail-art is done! No expensive salon visit, no skill needed.

Stir your creativity with these nail vinyls guide! Play with colors, pair with amazing combos, or dab nail polish using sponges for one of a kind result. With you being the master of these killer manicure, the possibilities are endless!

These stencils are made in professional nail art paper - foil stickers. It is ULTRA THIN, that will not cause blob and thick edge like regular craft vinyl paper. It's glossy surface provides a smooth application.


QUICK & EASY: Place vinyl stencil on nail and apply nail polish for instant nail art design. Remove vinyl, wait dry and seal with top coat. Easy as 1-2-3!

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Creative designs for various occasions, seasons and even your mood! Pair with colors of your liking. Your friends won't believe you're the master behind those killer manicure!

ULTRA THIN: Lightweight foil paper reduces blob and thick edge like regular craft vinyl paper. Glossy surface for a smooth application.



  1. Make sure base color and top coat are completely dry.

  2. Gently and slowly peel a piece of vinyl off the sheet using tweezers. Position on nail.

  3. Stick the vinyl to nail surface leaving no space.

  4. Paint nail polish over the vinyl.

  5. Almost immediately, remove vinyl slowly with tweezers when nail polish is still wet. *DO NOT wait till it becomes dry.

  6. Let dry completely.

  7. Seal and protect your beautiful nail art with top coat.  





  • Six assorted designs
  • Ultra thin material reduces blob and thick edge
  • Quality foil paper for smooth paint over
  • Paint over or dab nail polish using sponge
  • Quick and easy DIY nail art in minutes
  • Instruction included




  1. Always use a tweezer to slowly peel the stencil away from base sheet
  2. MUST apply top coat and let dry before putting stencil on nail
  3. Follow instruction closely to reach best result