Winstonia Crystal Glass Nail File Set

Winstonia Crystal Glass Nail File Set

Your search for an ever-lasting nail file has come to an end, this set of 3 Winstonia Crystal Nail File is so durable that the grits never wear away.

Crystal nail files seal keratin layer at tip of each nail. It's micro fine surface provides smooth filing and prevent chipping / layering caused by traditional files. These crysyal nail files can also be washed under hot water to keep them hygiene.

Each file comes in individual slip cover for ease of carrying around and on-the-go filling.





  • Always file in one direction
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Never wears out
  • Prevents chipping and layering caused by traditional files
  • Gentle on nail edges, no harsh feeling while working on nails
  • Came in individual slip cover
  • Run under hot water to clean