Winstonia 'Rose Noire' Nail-Art Brushes Set with Cuticle Pusher Ends (5 pcs)

Winstonia 'Rose Noire' Nail-Art Brushes Set with Cuticle Pusher Ends (5 pcs)

All Winstonia nail art brushes are handmade with precise scale and measurement. This assures our consistent quality of finest quality nail art brush.

Winstonia 'Rose Noire' professional nail-art brush comes in assorted bristles for a variety uses. The Korean imported hair is so soft and supple that it ensures a smooth application. The set is perfect for design outlines, short strokes, filling colors, small details, one stroke nail art and lots more. The hair are so delicate that it won't leave trace on your hard work.

The acrylic handles are not only classy and sleek, they are also acetone proof. This greatly pro-long its life spam. Each handle has a cuticle pusher ends that is also handy in blending colors, mixing resin powder etc.


Perfect for:  

  • Small details
  • Short strokes
  • One stroke design
  • Filling colors
  • Design outlines
  • Fan brush design


  • Korean imported hair
  • Assorted nail brush - flat brush, angled brush, fan brush, detailer brush, liner brush
  • Acrylic handles are acetone proof
  • Handy cuticle pusher ends
  • Guarantees a sturdy and long lasting nail brush life span
  • Hold and release nail polish and acrylic paints smoothly
  • Ensures a perfect and smooth application experience
  • Works perfect with nail polish and acrylic paint
  • Smooth sable hair leaves no trace on your hard work