Winstonia Nail Art Stamping Image Plate Set 1

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Winstonia Nail Art Stamping Image Plate Set 1

Nail art stamping plate bundle set by Winstonia.

The theme of this series is 'Nature' - aims to remind us the beauty of nature that we ought to appreciate and protect. Each plate contains 9 to 15 designs, depending on the sizes. Note: full nail images are measured at 15mm x 18mm. Unveil your inner nail art spirit! There is no complicated drawing or painting skills needed to have amazing nail art by using these stamping image plates, all you need is stamping skill, which is super easy! If you were a beginner, it only takes a few practices to become perfect. 



  • 4 pieces bundle set - Aquarium, Safari, Rainforest, Floral
  • Plate size: 7cm X 8cm
  • Remove protective blue film before use