Winstonia See-Thru Clear Stamper for Nail Art Stamping

Winstonia See-Thru Clear Stamper for Nail Art Stamping

Say bye-bye to smeared, fuzzy and unaligned stamping images. This See-Thru Clear Stamper is yet another savior in your nail art stamping adventure. The innovative see-thru clear jelly pad provides view of transferring stamping image on nails. It enables perfect image placement without guessing or ruining. The transparent stamper speed-up nail art stamping process and hence reduce waste of stamping nail polish and supplies at the same time.


Perfect for:

  • Positioning tiny image
  • Gals with problem aligning image ;)
  • Layered stamping
  • Reversed / advanced stamping


NO PRIMING NEEDED: No, just don't. Any attempt to prime the pad will cause haziness. 

TO CLEAN: Use lint roller or scotch tape to remove any residue or dust. DO NOT use nail polish remover, cotton or acetone. 



  • Transparent and clear pad
  • Medium-firm, non-sticky finish
  • See-through stamper for perfect placement
  • No more smeared, fuzziness and unaligned images
  • Speed up nail stamping process and reduce waste of nail art supplies
  • View reverse / advance stamping from the back of clear jelly pad
  • Set includes: Protective cap, clear jelly pad, see-thru holder, scraper card


To Use:

  • Rinse the pad under warm, soapy water and let dry completely 
  • Gently, stamp in up-and-down motion OR roll the stamp on image, same pressure when transferring image on nails
  • Almost instantly, transfer image on nail or work surface
  • Do not press hard as this will cause tearing that damages the pad
  • Practices make perfect!